Friday, September 12, 2014


With each passing day the popular mobile gadgets have become more versatile, offering users a more interesting and useful features. If you occasionally need to print tickets on a plane or train, bank accounts, checks, or any other forms of small size, the miniature printer Rolto can take pride of place on your desktop. In contrast to the large office equipment, compact gadget takes up little space and makes it easy to print the image on the screen of your smartphone.
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miniature printer Rolto 2 (600x358, 92Kb)
Printer for smartphone Rolto - original design creative Japanese designer Jim King. Miniature divays size slightly larger than normal smartphone skotorym  connected using Wi-Fi. To operate a mini-printer requires thermal paper, as in modern cash registers. Rolto is so small that it can be carried in a small purse or briefcase.

miniature printer Rolto 1 (600x338, 62Kb)

miniature printer Rolto 3 (700x489, 92Kb)

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