Wednesday, May 11, 2011

>The Real Value Of Plasma TV

>You may be surprised at just how tuned in to TV many Americans really are. A recent survey found that not only do half of all Americans want a plasma television, but many of them will go to great lengths to get one. Here's a closer look:

She Said

Forget chocolate, it seems that women are craving their favorite shows in high definition. A third of women said they would give up chocolate for 12 months in exchange for a plasma television.

He Said

Forty percent of men surveyed said they would endure a 48-hour "chick flick" marathon, if it meant they would be rewarded with a plasma television. One-fifth of the men surveyed said they would give up all sports-related activities: watching, playing and reading about their favorite sports and athletic heroes.

So why are plasmas so popular? Experts say the TVs' crisp images, vibrant colors and sleek designs tend to appeal to both men and women. For instance, the Pioneer PureVision plasma television features technologies known as Deep Encased Cell Structure, Crystal Emissive Layer and PureDrive II. They help enhance brightness, create richer, deeper blacks and improve video processing. In short, they create a sharp, bright, accurate picture-something that both genders seem to appreciate.

If you plan to purchase a plasma anytime soon, Pioneer suggests taking the following factors into account:


Forty- to 65-inch plasma displays are usually well-suited for viewing high-definition content in a primary home theater.


Brightness should be consistent from different angles. Try to see the TV you are considering in a lighting environment similar to your home.


Lines and edges should be sharp and clean without trails.Ê Make sure the sharpness holds up in dark or fast-moving scenes.


Colors should be true-to-life, not cartoonlike. You should see detail and subtle gradations in the color.


You should be able to see picture details such as blades of grass, pens in shirt pockets and individual faces in a crowd.

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