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  • 1 tanker Knock Nevis (458 m.)
    Knock Nevis - supertanker under the Norwegian flag. During its existence, this supergiant changed several names: Seawise Giant, Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, Knock Nevis, Mont. Moreover, he had to change not only the name but also the size and the scope of its application.

    Order to build the largest tanker in the world of Japanese shipyards received in 1974. And five years later, in 1979, the water was lowered a giant ship, amazing for its size. But the Greek shipowner, apparently, thought it a little.And he ordered the increase in the size of the tanker. After that, Seawise Giant (as it was then called) was cut in half, and in the middle were added additional sections. As a result, the size of the world's largest ship took the following values: length - 458.45 m, width - 68.86 meters, weight of cargo - 564,763 tons, the weight of the vessel - 81879 tons steering weight - 230 tons, the weight of the propeller - 50 tons. Additional sections welded into the body increased its deadweight tonnage (capacity) to 564 thousand 763 tons of oil, or - to 658 thousand 362 cubic metra.Na upper deck Knock Nevis theoretically could accommodate 5.5 football fields.

    One of the main disadvantages of a supertanker that precipitated his short operation, the sediment was fully loaded - 24.61 m (more than 7-storey building). Because of its huge size, but also because of the risk of running aground, the ship could not pass through the Suez and the Panama Canal, as well as through the English Channel.
    In 1986, during the Iran-Iraq war in the Strait of Hormuz, Exocet missiles tanker attacked and sank the aircraft Iraqi Air Force. The Iraqi fighter fired a unique tanker, which was then almost in the Persian Gulf anti-ship missile Exocet.It sank in shallow waters near the island of Kharg, so in August 1988, it picked up and brought to the repair shipyard Keppel Shipyard in Singapore, the new owner, Norman International. Repairers replaced 3.7 tons crumpled steel.

    Anders Jahre bought emergency tanker and towed for repairs in Singapore. In 1989, after the repair of the tanker was renamed Happy Giant. In 1991, after the next repair tanker was renamed Jahre Viking. In 2004, the tanker was purchased by Singapore company and was subsequently used as a floating storage of oil in the waters of Qatar, at the same time the ship was called the Knock Nevis. In 2009, the ship was transported to India in Alang, where it was forcibly thrown stranded for disposal. In 2010, the ship was utilized.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 2 Container Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller (400 m.)
    Container «Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller» became the first in a series of 20 cargo ships series «Triple-E», ordered the corporation «Maersk Line». Giant named after the son of the founder of the company that owns the container.Arnold Maersk McKinney Moller and he led the family company from 1965 until 2003, was the richest Dane and lived 98 years. But the boat is designed for a service life of not more than 50 years.

    The length of the container «Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller» is 399 meters, width - 59 meters, height - 73 meters. His sludge reaches 15.5 m. Vessel fitted with two engines rated at 43,000 hp each. The vessel can reach speeds up to 23 knots. If we make all the container in the line, we get a wall of 111 km.

    The vessel was built at the shipyards of South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in Geoje (Gyeongnam Province). The company is the second largest shipbuilding company in the world. Huge container ship was laid down 27 November 2012, and from July 2013 to be in operation. The cost of the vessel is 190 million dollars.

    Compared with previous similar vessels at Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller 20% reduced fuel consumption by 50% and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. This makes it the most effective class of this vessel. Maximum speed - 23 knots.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 3 Container CMA CGM Jules Verne (396 m.)
    Container «CMA CGM Jules Verne» IMO: 9454450, flag France, home port of Marseille. Shipbuilder: company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, the city Goeje, South Korea. Owner and operator: The company CMA CGM, the city of Marseille, France.

    The ship was named science fiction writer Jules Verne (CMA CGM Jules Verne). Key Features: Displacement 160,000 tons deadweight 186,470 tons. Length of 396 meters, width 54 meters, draft of 16 meters. Maximum speed of 22.5 knots. Maximum capacity of 16,020 TEU. The crew of 26, mostly Croats and Filipinos. The ship complies with the most stringent international environmental standards.

    A little comparison:
    - the length of more than four football fields, or the Eiffel Tower;
    - engine generates enough energy for a city with a population of 16 thousand people,
    - if the 16,000 TEU to put in a line, its length is 97 kilometers.

    May 3, 2013 Container «CMA CGM Jules Verne» went on its maiden voyage from the port of Busan, South Korea, with the rotation of Busan, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Chiwan, Yantian, Port Kelang, Suez, Malta, Marseilles, Tangier , Southampton, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Le Havre, Malta, Suez, Al Khor Fakkān, Jebel Ali, Port Kelang and Ningbo.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 4 Container Emma Marsk (396 m.)
    Emma Mærsk ("Emma Maersk") - the container ship owned by the Danish company AP Moller-Maersk Group and built at the shipyard Lindoe in Denmark, which is part of the company Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd in 2006 (later were built 7 more ships of the same type). At the time of construction of Emma Mærsk was the largest container ship in the world. Vessel length 396.84 meters, width of 63.1 meters and a height from keel to deck 30 meters. Displacement of 156,907 metric tons. Emma Mærsk can carry up to 11,000 standard 20-foot containers (other methods of calculation - more than 14 thousand.). Loading container «Emma Maersk» possible twenty giant cranes at the same time. By the way, despite the gigantstkim dimensions, the crew is just 13 people.

    The vessel has an engine Wärtsilä-Sulzer 14RTFLEX96-C, currently the world's largest single diesel engine, weighs 2,300 tons, with a capacity of 109,000 horsepower (82 MW), which consumes 6291 liters of fuel a day. The vessel is equipped with some adaptations to reduce environmental damage, including heat recovery system and the combined production of heat and electricity. Maximum speed for the Emma Mærsk container is quite solid - 25.5 knots (more than 47 kilometers per hour).

    In MO and holds installed 8000 sensors, information from which is sent to the computer center, located in the CPU of the engine room. Ponlostyu Center monitors the status of the vessel. Remote monitor center located on the bridge and in the center of cargo operations. Emma Maersk can carry up to 1000 40-foot refs. Containers designed for mounting a special attachment to ensure fast operation.

    Environmental security is achieved thanks to the vessel catching heat, which helps to save up to 10% energy. But more importantly, due to the fact that the ship is three times the size of any container, which took place on the Panama Canal, the number of small vessels, which may replace it, would produce far more emissions than a single large vessel.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 5 Container MSC Daniela (366 m.)
    In mid-December 2008 at the shipyard Samsung Heavy Industry Shipyard in Geoje completed construction container - MSC Daniela. It was built by the Swiss-Italian shipowner Mediterranean Shipping Company (Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC). Its container capacity is approximately 14,000 TEU. At length the ship is 366 meters, width - 51 m;sediment is 15 m, and the height of the ship above the waterline - about 53 m.

    This container is not only the size but also the design. To provide a better view from the bridge superstructure on it is placed in front of the ship, which also allows to increase the container capacity and reduce the number of received ballast. During the construction of the ship complied with international rules on the protection of fuel tanks: they are located in the protected area below the superstructure.

    During the construction of the mega-container use special high-strength steel, which reduced the thickness of the skin, thus creating a lightweight and rugged design of the vessel and maintaining an acceptable level of body rigidity.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 6 Container CMA CGM Christophe Colomb (365 m.)
    November 10, 2009 from the South Korean port shipyard «Hyundai Heavy Industries» newest container was delivered to the French shipping company «CMA CGM Group». The new ship called «CMA CGM CHRISTOPHE COLOMB» became the flagship of the international container shipments. Its capacity is amazing - 13,300 twenty-foot containers.

    The vessel is 365 meters long and 51 meters. Christophe Colomb - ship new generation equipped with advanced environmental technologies:

    - Engine with electronic injection, reduces fuel consumption and gives you the opportunity to work in a mode «ecospeed», thus reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
    - Fuel tanks protected by a double hull.
    - System «Fast Oil Recovery» - an innovative process to prevent pollution of the sea .

    Container "CMA CGM CHRISTOPHE COLOMB" is also still the only ship equipped with a device «Pre-Swirl Stator», which is the ability to adjust the angle of the propeller blades, which will greatly expand the effectiveness of the vessel. Along with this function will optimize the hydrodynamics of the vessel and thus reduce fuel consumption.

    CMA CGM also offers cruises on board his flagship, CMA CGM Christophe Colomb, which has a special deck with spacious cabins luxury. It flyers - a library, gym, swimming pool, mess. Food along with the crew. Court with a capacity of 13,800 TEU can accommodate up to 10 passengers in cabins from 23 to 37 sqm
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 7 Cruise ship Oasis of the seas (360 m)
    Oasis of the Seas (creative translation of Oasis of the Seas) - the first-class cruise ship Oasis. American shipping company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. signed February 4, 2006 the contract for the construction of the first ship of the class Oasis with Finnish shipyard Aker Finnyards (from the fall of 2008 STX Europe Cruise). Sea trials in the Baltic Sea began on 8 June 2009 and ended in the middle of the month. October 28, 2009 the ship was transferred to the shipping company. Construction of the ship cost the customer $ 1.5 billion.

    Its length is 361 meters, width - 66 meters, displacement - 225 000 tonnes. The liner is equipped with 17 decks, 2,704 cabins, which can accommodate 6,360 passengers. On board are more than 2 100 people staff and crew.There is a skating rink, the largest in the world cruise fleet casino has its own theater, designed for 1,380 spectators, and jazz night clubs, water park with swimming pools, shops, restaurants, bars and much more.

    One of the many innovations "Oasis of the Seas" is Central Park - the first floating park in the world where you can see 93 12 175 plants of different species, including 56 trees. In the area of ​​«The Boardwalk» located carousel, cafes, shops, clubs, and an amphitheater. Another attraction of the ship - bar «Rising Tide» in the zone «Royal Promenade» - the first mobile bar on a cruise ship.

    The vessel is equipped with 6 engines manufactured by Wärtsilä - three 12-cylinder and three 16-cylinder. In the totality of its power plants generate 96 MW of power, which allows the vehicle to reach speeds up to 22.6 knots.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 8 Cruise ship Queen Mary 2 (345 m.)
    RMS Queen Mary 2 - ocean liner, the flagship of the British shipping company Cunard Line, owned by Carnival Corporation & plc. Built and put into operation January 12, 2004 at the shipyards Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire in France and at the time of launch was the largest passenger ship in the world.

    "Queen Mary 2" bears the name of the ocean liner "Queen Mary", launched on 1934. That, in turn, was named after the British Queen Mary of Teck, wife of George V. On the way from Southampton to New York in August 1936, the first "Mary" has set a speed record, breaking the Atlantic in 3 days, 20 hours, 42 minutes and selected the "Blue Ribbon Atlantic" from the French "Normandie". Record "Queen Mary" was broken only in 1952.

    Key Features: Displacement 148528 tonnes deadweight 19,189 tons. Length of 345 meters, width 42 meters, draft of 10 meters. Running speed of 29.6 knots. Powerplant - four diesel engine, type «Wartsila» 16V46CR and two gas turbines with a capacity of 157,000 horsepower. The crew and the wait staff is 1253. The liner can take 2620 passengers, who will be deployed in 1310 cabins.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 9 USS USS Enterprise (CVN-65) (342.3 m.)
    USS Enterprise (CVN-65) - United States aircraft carrier. The first aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant. Put into operation in 1961. The first and only ship of his project, despite five more planned for construction of ships of the series. The total cost of "Enterprise" has reached 451 million dollars, which was one of the reasons why the construction of a series of ships refused.

    Has the highest (342.3 meters) length of warships in the world. One load nuclear fuel is enough for 13 years of service, during which time the ship can take up to 1 million miles. The total 2520 tons of ammunition arms.

    The aircraft carrier has become a symbol of naval power of the United States and participated in almost all the wars and conflicts in which the United States staged. In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis was a naval blockade of Cuba. Since the end of 1965 and beginning of 1973. six times operated off the coast of North Vietnam by taking an active part in the hostilities. In January 1968 and April 1969 was off the coast of North Korea during the deterioration of relations with that country. In December 1971 during the war of independence of Bangladesh was acting in the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Navy will block. In January-February 1973 after the termination of the Vietnam War, participated in the raids on targets in Laos. In 1975, he took part in the evacuation of American citizens from South Vietnam. In 1988, he acted in the Persian Gulf, protecting Kuwaiti tankers during the so-called"Tanker war." And also participated in air strikes on the Iranian navy. In 1998, he participated in "Operation Desert Fox" - missile strikes against Iraq. In 2001-2002, 2006 participated in the war against Afghanistan. In 2003-2004, 2006 participated in the aggression against Iraq.

    On account of "Enterprise" was a lot of other world records
    - the first nuclear aircraft carrier in 60 years held the title of the largest ship (complete w / and "Enterprise" 93 thousand tons),
    - on the "Enterprise" first appeared radar with a phased antenna array (SCANFAR),
    - the first ship with clean air armament (overruns forced designers to abandon any system of self-defense, but in 1967 the ship set the first SAM "Sea Sparrow")
    - on board the "Enterprise" established the largest number of nuclear reactors
    - as much as 8 pieces (dubious achievement, saying only the imperfection of nuclear technology in the 50s)
    - the first ship with a nuclear power plant, took part in the fighting
    - in December 1969, during the Vietnam War, aircraft from an aircraft carrier "Enterprise" established still unbroken record by running 178 per night sorties,
    - the longest service in the existing fleet (51),
    - finally, "Enterprise" - the first nuclear aircraft carrier giant, which must go through the process disposal.
    4 November 2012 the aircraft carrier has completed its last 8-month voyage. Total aircraft carrier 25 times out at sea. Decommissioned 1 December 2012.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

  • 10 Cruise ship Norwegian Epic (329 m.)
    Norwegian Epic - Class F3 cruise ship owned by the company Norwegian Epic Ltd. and operated by an American shipping company Norwegian Cruise Line was built in 2010 at the shipyard Chantiers de l'Atlantique of STX Europe in France in Saint-Nazaire and makes summer cruises in the Mediterranean, the winter will be operated between the islands of the Caribbean.

    Key Features: Displacement 155873 tonnes deadweight 10,850 tons. Length of 329 meters, 40 meters wide, 9.2 meters of sediment. The average speed of 22.5 knots. The ship can accommodate 4,200 passengers, which will serve 1,730 crew members. The cruise ship has 15 passenger decks, which are located in 2100 cabins. The vessel consists of 16 lifts, as well as stabilizers pitching.

    Ship engine room takes up a third of the space, and in some places has five floors. The engine room is located six diesel engines. This power plant generates 108,000 horsepower. Two-hundred-ton propeller shaft is connected with the installation of propellers, each of which has a diameter of 6 m.
    Company «Norwegian Cruise Line» has spent $ 1.2 billion for its construction, which is the cost of six Airbus.
    The largest ships in the world of ships, sea
  • The largest ships in the world of ships, sea

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