Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Ring-watch from Gusztav Szikszai.
An elegant ring, capable of showing the current time, a new innovation, which is not only useful, but also aesthetically pleasing. An unusual accessory - a great alternative to inconvenient wristwatch.
Stylish and useful accessory.
The idea to create an original ring belongs  Gusztav Szikszai . It all started about two years ago, with the launch of the project at  titled  "Moving Innovation" . The project idea was to create a product model which would for one reason or another could not exist at the present time, but its production could be a real ten years.  Gusztav Szikszai  created a sketch of beautiful and useful accessories.Author development recognizes that never liked to wear a watch, so I decided to conclude their basic function in such a small and easy thing, like a ring.
Ring, showing the exact time.

Ring Watch with chargers.
The accessory is made of medical stainless steel. Ring recharged through a special panel for two hours. Full battery is enough for one week of normal use. Innovative decoration waterproof. 
Stainless Steel Ring from Gusztav Szikszai.

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