Friday, September 12, 2014


Useful gadgets and mobile devices have long ceased to be fiction and become part of our everyday life. One major drawback, which combines all mobile devices is that they are quite low quickly. Frequent need recharging does not really matter where there always have access to electricity. But if you are in nature, or where no one has never heard of the existence of electricity, the cool high-tech gadget without recharging quickly turn into a completely useless thing.
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Original laptop SOL from the Canadian company WeWi can charge anywhere where there is no access to an electrical outlet, but there is a sun. Laptop SOL has included solar panels that far away from civilization easily replace your normal power supply.  
laptop on solar energy (600x400, 156Kb)
Solar panels are SOL in the lid of the notebook. To fully charge the mobile gadget will need about 8 hours of time. After that, he will be able to work perfectly for two hours. 

laptop on solar energy 1 (600x371, 76Kb)

laptop on solar energy 2 (600x304, 89Kb)

laptop on solar energy 3 (600x418, 119Kb)

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