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At the end of December last year, Ukrainian Prime Minister held the twenty-third film about the legendary British spy James Bond - "007: Coordinates" Skayfoll "." In this film the protagonist, played by Daniel Craig reprized, lit up behind the wheel of the classic Aston Martin DB5 - the very known and recognizable machine agent MI6, first shown in the movie 1964 "Goldfinger" .Imenno part in "bondiane" provide many vehicles cult status and their inflated price tags: get the car "as Bond," the dream of many collectors and fans of vintage cars. prepared a compilation of the most famous cars in the 50-year history of the British super-spy. 
Aston Martin DB5 ("Goldfinger") 
In the opinion of many fans of Bond films, the most successful incarnation is considered the actor Sean Connery, the noble image is very harmoniously complementing the aristocratic sport Coupe Aston Martin car DB5.Takaya serially produced for only two years (1963 and 1965), was collected in 1023 ekzemplyara.Seriynoe compartment was equipped with a 4.0-liter inline "six" power 282l.s. 1.5-ton machine could reach a maximum speed of 230km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100km / h in just over 8sek.V filming "Goldfinger" was used once 2 car like this: the main role "played" the official factory prototype chassis number DP / 216/1, and to perform tricks took a similar standard model DB5.Etot same prototype appeared in the next picture - "Thunderball" 1965 goda.Ya later the company Aston Martin removed from the machine all the "cinematic" Soup and sold rare coupe private ruki.Sledy first Bond cars lost in 1997 when the car chassis with DP / 216/1 was stolen from its owner in the US state Florida.A here serial "understudy" in 2010 was sold at auction for RM 2mln.600tys. pounds! DB5 model also took part in the episodic film "GoldenEye", "Tomorrow Never Dies," "Casino Royale" and, as already mentioned, the newest "Skayfolle" .Many viewers undoubtedly well remember the specific equipment Spyware Coupe: pull-out wheel hub knives, a pair of machine guns, armored shield for the rear window, the system pouring oil on the road and a smokescreen to avoid pogoni.Nu and feature of which is probably the dream of many street racers: automatic change of registration and recall nomerov.Stoit catapult for front passenger.
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Lotus Esprit ("The Spy Who Loved Me") 
Only 13 years separate the "Goldfinger" and "The Spy Who Loved Me", but the difference between the cars, the actors participating in these paintings - kolossalna.Na replace expensive and elegant classic with lots of chrome came futuristic supercar with a mid layout - Lotus Esprit S1.Rol Bond this time played holёny handsome Roger Mur.Inzhener MI6 Kew thoroughly "bother" functionality over cars that "flick of the wrist" turns into a full-fledged ... submarine !!! Tapered shape Lotus perfectly fits into the concept of high-speed swimming facilities, and propellers and fins practically violated "primitive" beauty car, drawn by the famous Italian designer Giorgetto Dzhudzharo.Estestvenno not without the usual "the agency set" useful things: torpedoes, rockets, masking fluid to hide from the villains under water ejection mechanism of cement behind the machine, deep bomby.Ofitsialnaya premiere of the first Esprit held at the Paris Motor Show in 1975, and in July of the following year the car came to a conveyor, becoming one of the legislators automotive fashion trends based coupe lying spatial steel frame on which were the body panels are hung from stekloplastika.Superkar packaged with a modest 4-cylinder engine volume of 2.0 liters and power 162l.s.Tem But thanks curb weight of less than 1 tonne, cars could reach speeds of up to 214km / ch.Vypusk first series Esprit lasted until 1979. 
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Lotus Esprit Turbo ("For Your Eyes Only") 
in 1981 in the film "For Your Eyes Only" before the audience appeared more offering experienced Bond, in the form of a little old-Roger Mura.Pod become such a "growing up" and a new car agent - Lotus Esprit Turbo second generation, which has become more powerful, faster and more dynamically its predshestvennika.Mashina received a turbocharged power unit 210 forces with which "maximum speed" amounted to 240 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100km / h reduced to 6,2sek.Modifitsirovanny Esprit has got also more rigid suspension and effective brake mehanizmami.Vneshne turbo version can be recognized by corporate kuzovnomu body kit with original aerodynamic elements and a 15-inch collapsible disc Italian firm Compomotive.V films were just two of Esprit: white and with an unusual "copper coloring" .First auto self-destruct at the beginning of the film in Spain, and the second spy dissected at a ski resort in Italy - with fixed roof lyzhami.Proizvodstvo turbocharged Esprit second generation only lasted two years (1980 and 1981).
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BMW Z8 ("World Is Not Enough") 
In the 90s of the last century there was a strong espansiya German company BMW in the British motor promyshlennost.Bavartsy purchased directly 3 legendary "island" of the brand: Land Rover, Mini and Rover.Ne surprising that James Bond, who now plays Pierce Brosnan, moved into this "spirited" time with the usual British cars on nemetskie.V 1995 film "GoldenEye" he traveled behind the wheel just appeared roadster BMW Z3, in "Tomorrow Never Dies" ( 1997), the spy sat on the executive class sedan BMW 750iL, and culminated in 1999, when the agent machine became neoclassical BMW Roadster Z8.Shpionskaya snap BMWvklyuchala titanium armor missiles "ground-to-air" on the board, remote control, information windshield device listening Far deystviya.2-door 2-seater convertible was the ideological heir of the legendary BMW 507 50 godov.Pod hood of the car is rear-wheel drive 4.9-liter engine from the BMW M5 sedan charged capacity 400l.s.Bazovaya cost machine 1999 was 128 thousand dollars, and now is very well appreciated Z8 BMW fans and lovers of automotive exotica: the cost of a used roadster in good condition is around 100tys.dollarov.
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Aston Martin Vanquish ("Die Another Day") 
In 2001, Aston Martin brought to market their brand new flagship model - Vanquish. "The perfect car for Bond" - thought then many film fans, and their dreams have materialized in a year with the release of the picture "Die Another Day", which became the final "output" Pierce Brosnan as agent 007.Kak in the good old days, the car was stuffed to the eyeballs with all sorts devaysa: thermal rockets, machine guns, katapultoy.Iz know-how necessary to allocate and system sets special LCD monitors, making the car completely invisible! A chase scene on the ice frozen lake with "the enemy" Jaguar XKR Convertible is one of the most spectacular in the modern history of kinematografa.Avtorstvo Vanquish classic design by the famous British designer Jan Kallumu.Pervoe generation This model Aston Martin was made ​​from 2001 to 2007 and is equipped with 5.9-liter V12 engine capacity 450l.s. and charged modification Vanquish S has in its arsenal already 514l.s.
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Aston Martin DBS V12 ("Casino Royale") 
Official sales of the new Aston Martin DBS V12 started 5 years ago, and in 2006, the car was first lit in the new Bond film - "Casino Royale", in which the role of a secret agent for the first time went to Daniel Craig Unfortunately .K "cine" machine is virtually no different from the usual serial coupe, except the secret compartment pistol Walther P99 and special "kits" from MI6 with various antidotes and small defibrillyatorom.Naibolee vivid episode with this machine - chase that ended enchanting coup DBS: after 7 somersaults through the roof of the car was almost completely destroyed, but he escaped with only 007 pair tsarapin.Danny trick was created without the use of computer graphics using a fully serial machines (even without the rollcage).
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