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1. Airbrush helps protect against theft, or Baba Yaga behind enemy lines belief firmly rooted in the minds of many of our countrymen: if the car repainted by some strange animals or put on the car, whether the hood or fender, bright image, it like the mascot will store the vehicle and died pursuit of criminals to steal it, as will be beneficial to allocate cars on the background of neighboring machines. It brings to mind one of the last high-profile episodes in the capital, when he was kidnapped by Jaguar c very visible distinguishing feature - airbrushing as Baby- Yagi. The event seemed unusual and distracting from the overall series, as rumored airbrushing cars do not attract thieves. Expressing an expert opinion about what happened, really wanted to say about the poor "talismanospasatelnom" as Baba Yaga, that it does not deter the thieves, despite belonging to the evil spirits in Russian folklore. In fact, to airbrush from no trace, requires from hour to a couple of hours. And after that, by their appearance, you can not tell your car in any way. And you should not entertain the idea that if your iron horse will be present airbrush, thieves will not steal your property. If it was a really good protective agent, insurance companies have long would give discounts for the presence of non-standard patterns on the car. 2. Day of the cars do not steal Another myth is absolutely not confirm the real situation is this: in the daytime hijackers did not kidnap the machine. In recent years, vehicle theft occur during the day hardly less than at night. This is mainly the case in areas with large concentrations of vehicles, particularly at sites of large shopping centers and offices. Permanent vanity in such places is the ideal medium for attackers, because they feel more comfortable in the crowd just go unnoticed and at the same time easy to keep track of potential victims. Often assistants car thieves become pickpockets, as in the human circulation for them is not difficult to get the car keys from his pocket hapless motorists and convey their accomplices. 3. Mobile phone in the nook will help find a stolen vehicle in the environment of motorists There is a long-standing view that a simple and low cost alternative featured antitheft and search engines - it's a cheap cell phone models, hidden in a secluded corner of the machine that is connected to recharge the onboard network and connect to the service cell operator to identify its location on a signal from the base stations. Like, even if the car hijacking, it will be enough to visit the site of the mobile operator, click a few buttons, and get a response in the exact place where the machine is located. In the first place it should be understood that the positioning accuracy using LBS (on the base) or a comparison is not with the accuracy of satellite navigation. Even the declared values ​​of the limit deviations they differ at least an order of magnitude. Compare, in which case it is easier to find a car parked in the "settler" - in the radius of 10 or within 100 meters? And outside the city, where the distance between the "towers" cellular increases in times, the accuracy will decrease exponentially, which makes this method unacceptable for any searches.Do not give cause for optimism, and analysis of design features of such a decision. Unlike specialized modules Standard Automotive, and sometimes - even Military, cell phones are designed to operate in a narrow range of temperature and humidity. Constantly being in the car, being exposed to vibrations and shocks, delicate circuitry phone will age at an accelerated rate. No less will suffer and battery. For her equally harmful and chaotic years of the charge, and a constant supply of charging current. In this mode it will last very long, and its failure will cause malfunction of the phone. 4. The more systems and more expensive than they are - the better in equipping car anti-theft systems may be different extremes. One of them is the belief that equipping your car a whole list of terrible devices, its probability of theft can be reduced to almost zero. In fact, many anti-theft systems operate on the same principle, and the number of points placement, wiring, engine block in modern machines are quite limited. This means that the system will duplicate each other without increasing the overall efficiency of the complex. The best option today is complex, consisting of the following functional blocks: - the alarm with perimeter control and external influences; - anti-theft system with a secretive and well-protected Bypass, reliable and cryptographic controls; - mechanical means of protection, acting in synergy with electronic devices and complement them; - means of remote signaling or searching chosen depending on the more probable threats - vandalism, robbery or hostage-taking. No so important, constructed this complex system of ode to the brand or different. It is important that all functional units are implemented, and their collaboration led not to conflict between them, and to mutual reinforcement of protective properties. And the price in this case will not be a shock, since the principle of reasonable sufficiency will be respected. 5.Garage or parking solves the problem of theft of a safe haven for the machine, as well as theft protection - is vzlyadonepronitsaemy garage or secure parking. Garage not only protects the vehicle against theft, but often is the assistant to the hijacker. Indeed, in a confined space criminals have the opportunity to open the machine and long fight with her ​​anti-theft systems, being protected from prying eyes. Parking with security also does not guarantee 100% safety of the vehicle, as the practice shows that such an obstacle bypassed very easily. 6 . There neugonyaemye make and model of car If your car is not on the first positions in the ranking of risk and is not a machine products are in currently in great demand the Japanese car industry, this does not mean that it does not require anti-theft protection, and does not exclude the fact that once he did attract the attention of the hijacker. Sometimes in our operative reports appear unexpected cars that often proves neprognozirumy demand for absolutely any brand and model of car. Neugonyaemyh machines do not exist, just they are divided by categories for a more or less risky. 7. The poor condition of the car and her body save theft hijackers interested not only new vehicles in perfect condition, as often happens not hijack the purpose of resale of the car entirely. A very common case - the abduction of the machine parts, especially when there is a shortage on the original accessories. A recent example is the situation with the disaster in Japan, when sharply increased shortage of spare parts for cars, which of course provoked a large number of attacks. In this situation, the thief do not care what your car looks, it is important that it is a source of valuable components, is quite efficient and able to go to another machine. 8. The increase of the sentence to the hijackers ... an infinite number of years - a panacea for several decades debated initiative to toughen punishment criminals avtokradov. Constantly submitted proposals to increase the term of imprisonment in the event of theft or theft of the vehicle. But the fact that the law does not tolerate conventional, halftone and alternatives, and taking every decision, we will have a huge number of people behind bars, among which may be the usual minor hooligans. And the real criminals still will avoid punishment because of poor work of the investigating authorities and the courts. 9. There is a super-device, capable to protect against theft by 100% None of the modern anti-theft tools do not provide absolute protection of the vehicle. Hijackers have such high qualifications that even every day developing and improving the properties of security systems, we are only a few steps ahead of the criminals. 10. If they want to steal - stealing, all useless rebuttal Despite previous myth, I am not in any way encourage lower hands and trust the safety of the machine commonly known Russian word "maybe." In additional theft protection (excluding staffing) needs absolutely every car, regardless of the cost, age and size. Just every vehicle and its owner requires an individual approach depending on the level of risk, and storage conditions, and many other factors.

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