Saturday, February 21, 2015


Beauty requires sacrifice - this expression has never suited to our present position. And if now the beauty industry is well advanced in terms of technology, creams, various diets and thousands of other various means to improve the appearance, in the 1930th and the 40th year for women was not very meager arsenal of "women's secrets." A desire was exactly the same as in women today. Let's see what methods to improve their appearance, they resorted to:
1. Clock.

2. permed hair
3. Helmet from famous firm Max Factor in the 1930th. It was intended for the correct application of makeup.desktop-1424273800
4. Prior to the advent of sunscreen, a girl struggling with unwanted tan like this
5. Beauty in 1940th. Chair that encourages weight loss in the right places.

6. A popular procedure in the 1930th , when using such a device that's doctors tried to freeze wrinkles using carbon dioxide. Girl closes her eyes and nose for protection, and they had to breathe through a straw.

7 suckers who were literally suck acne from your face.
8. I do not know why we need this mask, but it looks really scary ...
9. And this horrid mask allegedly used to raise the temperature of the face, which should help to improve blood circulation, resulting in skin rejuvenation women.
10. Leather Mask, incredibly popular in 1920th years, was to rid the happy owner of wrinkles.desktop-1424273781
11. Another device for curling hair, common in the 1940th years. The girl had to sit for hours in the chair to achieve the result.desktop-1424273787
12. Another creation from the company Max Factor. Ice mask, in which it was necessary to periodically change the ice cubes help to improve a woman's skin.desktop-1424273779

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