Friday, January 23, 2015


In the world of modern man's clothing is one of the most important places. It surrounds us warm and creates our unique image that allows the right impression on the people, makes it possible to feel comfortable and confident in yourself. And that's just some of the qualities that we all appreciate when we go into a clothing store for the next new thing for your wardrobe.
4552399_11 (112x13, 8Kb)  Clothes for sports and recreation should be different special comfort, high quality materials and stylish design. Online shop fashion house offers a contemporary knitwear from the manufacturer and a huge selection of high quality stylish women's clothing models suitable for home, leisure and sport.
And cozy old things and new, just bought clothes may need to be repaired. Random clues, scrapes and holes can ruin your favorite shirt, jacket, trousers or a cute heart of old jeans. How could I not want to throw out the old fashion novelty or thing that may be related to the warmest memories of life.
Solve the problem of repairing clothes in just a couple of minutes can a new unique 3 D the Printer Fabric Pen. You no longer need to search for the matching colored thread, spend time in neat embroidery stitches or worry about the quality of the company, clothing repair. Just a couple of minutes - and any defect will be fixed tissue using a handheld gadget Fabric Pen.
3D printer for repair clothes Fabric Pen 3 (600x601, 79Kb)
The unique development of the desired gadget in the home owned by Lithuanian designer Ingrid Kazinayt. The principle of operation manual 3 D printer for clothes is very simple - it sprays hot synthetic fabric in a place where there is a gap, and thus eliminates the damage. To charge the gadget required material required colors. This gadget has three special flasks.
3D printer for repair clothes Fabric Pen 5 (600x601, 75Kb)
During this period, manual 3 D printer for clothes is being finalized - the developer of the gadget is actively involved in the expansion of its capabilities. And although in reality this fantastic device is still hard to believe, but today Fabric Pen is able to play about 35 different textures of fabric.
3D printer for repair clothes Fabric Pen 1 (600x478, 70Kb)

3D printer for repair clothes Fabric Pen 2 (600x354, 39Kb)

3D printer for repair clothes Fabric Pen 4 (600x601, 63Kb)

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