Tuesday, January 20, 2015


London shocked with auto Darya Radionova. It's no secret that the coolest cars that romp through London, often owned by sons of Arab sheiks. But the 21-year-old Russian student Daria Radionova managed to outdo them. Its already an expensive Mercedes CLS 350 she covered a million Swarovski crystals. On a whim my girl spent more than US $ 30 000. Work performed by experts, who came from Russia.
We look at the car and its owner!

4223_01 (700x454, 202Kb)

6984_02 (700x454, 218Kb)

8809_05 (700x454, 261Kb)
9768_07 (700x454, 241Kb)

4713_08 (700x410, 207Kb)

7786_11 (591x600, 125Kb)

5489_13 (566x600, 166Kb)

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