Friday, January 30, 2015


New items from Gibbs Amphibians - a "jeep» Humdinga II and truck Phibian, which developers called the best specimens of high-speed amphibian technology (High Speed ​​Amphibian - HSA) to date in the world.And both are developing on the water speed of 26 knots (48 km / h), and the transition to land both takes 10 seconds. The creators dubbed SUV Humdinga II (pictured above), "the smallest vehicle, designed specifically for remote and inaccessible areas." In this case, the baby has a length of 6.5 meters. 
Phibian declared as an entirely new kind of amphibious truck. It is equipped with a 500-horsepower turbo diesel, resulting in a wheel (on the ground drive can be rear, front or full), or water cannons, and takes on board the three crew members and 12 passengers (the latter can replace 1.5 tons of cargo).

1 (670x447, 81Kb)

2 (480x636, 62Kb)

3 (407x700, 66Kb)

4 (480x602, 88Kb)

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