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One of the most important elements of the exclusivity of the car, indicating the family history and the "pedigree" contains a unique character located on the grille or trunk lid. From time immemorial, the automakers decorated their cars branded logos, monograms, figurines and statuettes, each of which contains a secret or origin story. BMW company motto: The Ultimate Driving Machine - «Perfect Car" option specifically for Russia - "With pleasure for Driving " The first emblem appeared in 1917, and represented the rotating propeller. In 1920 there was only from the propeller circle divided into four quarters, painted in traditional Bavarian colors - white and blue. Alfa Romeo emblem for borrowed elements of the family coat of arms of the Visconti, Duke of Milan: a red cross (reminiscent of the 1st Crusade, which was attended by members of the family) and the Dragon, according to legend, was killed in the V century progenitor Visconti. Citroen company motto: Créative Technologie - «Creative Technology» Engineer Andre Citroen began his career as an entrepreneur with a plant for the production of gearboxes. The gears in these boxes for better grip had special teeth in the shape of a chevron. Their image is crowned company logo and more fundamentally changed. Ferrari a rearing horse first appeared on the fuselage of the fighter ace of the Italian Francesco Barak. The pilot was shot down in 1918, and his mother suggested to use a symbol to Enzo Ferrari.Yellow background - the color of the city of Modena, where he produced the machine. Nissan Originally circle in the logo was red and symbolized the rising sun, and the rectangle (blue) - the sky. The company believes that all this expresses the motto "sincerity brings success." However, the red and blue color with the time given way under the pressure of cold metal.Mitsubishi three diamond emblem moved on with the family crest Yataro Iwasaki, founding father. Hence the name: "Mitsui" Japanese "three", "Bisi" - diamond. Diamonds symbolize honesty, responsibility to the community and understanding between nations. Mercedes-Benz company was established in 1926 through the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. The star of Daimler hinted at superiority in 3 environments - on land, on water and in the air. In 1937 a star was placed in a circle. (Prior to this, in its place was a laurel wreath from the "Benz". Opel company motto: Wir leben Autos - «We live cars" Lightning enclosed in a circle, recalls the legendary truck 30s Opel Blitz Tour 3.6 (by lightning -German Blitz). Before this was a sign of the company easier - blue oval with the inscription Opel, which later got painted torpedo. Her and replaced with a zipper.Peugeot Lion symbolizes the power of the company's products. With him company involved and the Lion Monument in Belfort, in the vicinity of which factories located Peugeot. The monument was installed by Auguste Bartholdi (author of the Statue of Liberty), in order to remind the German unsuccessful siege of 1871. Porsche Because the firm is located in Stuttgart, placed in the center of the emblem coat of arms of the city with a horse (the city was founded on the site of the Stud) . Horn and stripes - with the coat of arms of the Duchy Vyurttembergskogo, whose capital Stuttgart and was. Renault company's motto: We make cars logo is not been for 32 years. In 1922 there was a sign in the form of a circle placed inside it on the grid labeled Renault. Sign hung on the horn, the grid also allows the sound output. And when, in 1924, made ​​the diamond lattice, and the shape of the logo has changed. Rover emblem in the form of a shield first appeared on the frames of bicycles, and in 1904 migrated to the first car company. Pictured at her craft, framed leaves, reminiscent of the Vikings - remote ancestors of the English. Subaru stars in the logo symbolize the constellation of the Pleiades (Subaru in Japanese). Another name - the "Seven Sisters", in memory of turning into stars daughters of the ancient Greek titan Atlas. Toyota Three ellipse appeared in 1989. Vertical and horizontal fold in the letter "T", and the ellipse represents the "spirit of creativity in the development."Ellipses surrounding the empty space also makes sense and means "future opportunities and the development of technology".Volkswagen Initially, the emblem of the company was the emblem of the castle of Wolfsburg, which was not far from the plants Volkswagen. Later coat of arms was abolished, and the letters in the logo appeared W. Letters were outlined circle, in this form the emblem and still exists today. Volvo Firstborn Automobile, Volvo Jakob, was produced with the emblem in the form of a diagonal stripe on the radiator and the circle with an arrow (symbol of masculinity in astrology - the symbol of Mars). In 1975, the range was abolished, leaving only the inscription VOLVO. Audi company motto: Vorsprung durch Technik - «Progress through Technology". June 29, 1932 there was an association of three automotive companies: Audi, Horch and Zschopauer Motorenwerke / DKW, and was born Auto Union AG. Soon they were joined by a fourth company - Wanderer Werke. Then there were the famous logo indicating merging four legendary companies. Chevrolet Logo-delusion. Almost all believe that Chevrolet logo is a stylized cross with the flag of Switzerland. And this might be true: the company founder Louis Chevrolet was actually born in Switzerland. Nevertheless, this does not cross, and ... bow tie! For the creator of bow tie means a combination of optimism, style and originality of thought. Škoda official interpretation of the symbolism of the logo is:Large circle (ring) - production versatility, perfect product, the earthly world. The tip of the bird's wing (wing) - technical progress, the scope of the program production and selling products all over the world. Boom - progressive production methods, high performance. Circle (eye) - precision production, broadmindedness. Black color - the age-old tradition. Green - production without harming the environment, environmental protection, recycling of used materials (recycling). Source

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