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Honda Company was founded in 1946. a man who had no special education, which did, however, the automotive business all his life and has given the world a company that does not cease to this day to develop their latest technologies and apply them in all types of cars and dvigateley.Imya maker Honda was immortalized in the company's logo.
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A story about the history of the automobile company Honda should start with the story of its founder Soichiro Honda (Soichiro Honda), who was born on November 17 1906g.Kogda he was 15 years old, young Soichiro first time in my life I saw the car and warmly interested in the mechanics and the time avtomobilestroeniem.S He began working with his father in the workshop repair velosipedov.No thanks irrepressible passion for cars Soichiro decided idtidalshe and without any formal training, he began to work in avtomasterskoy.A already at 22, he organized his own body shop and decided to create its own model sports avtomobilya.Blagodarya his perseverance, love for cars, unconventional thinking, entrepreneurship and rebellion, Honda, and to this day remains a leader in many areas of the automotive industry. 
It all started in 1938. when Honda invented the piston ring ... 
A story of Honda has its roots in the 30s and it leads to the activities of the firm Tokai Seiki Heavy Industry, where Soichiro Honda engaged in the production porshney.V 1946 he sold his company and Toyota company organized in 1948 in collaboration with influential businessmen Takeo Fujisawa company Honda Motor Company Ltd .In those postwar years, when the country was on the verge of complete ruin Honda began its operations with the production of mopeds and small motorcycles models.
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Honda Motor Company Ltd now - is the leader of the world automobile and motostroyeniya.

Soichiro Honda glorified his name at the beginning of a motoproizvodstve in particular became known for the high-tech motorcycle sorevnovaniyam.Pervy motorcycle, Honda 50s godov.Model Dream Type D very soon changed to Dream Type, which in 1951. equipped with three valved engine volume of 150 cubic centimeters and a capacity of 70 l.s.A now, Honda produces annually more than 100 million. motorcycles and is the leading company in the field of motostroyeniya.
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Dream Type D

Manufacture of motor vehicles, Honda began practicing in the early 60's godov.Odnoy of the first models that yaposky manufacturer introduced at the Tokyo show in 1963. became a sports car Honda S500 in equipment with four-cylinder engine volume of 354 cubic centimeters (33 hp) and 492 cubic centimeters (40 hp).
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Honda S500

At the same time, Honda produces a small truck model T-360 carrying capacity of 350kg, which was equipped the same as the model S500, four-cylinder engine volume of 354 cubic centimeters and a power of 33 hp And in 1964. manufacturer Honda has made ​​an application to participate in the race and in the following year the car Japanese car is the winner of the competition in Mexico. 
Series production cars Honda started the company in 1967. when the model was constructed with the N360 engine whose work byda optimized air cooling system.
In 1966. the company introduced its first export model S800, which was met with more buyers odobreniem.Zalog success S800 model lies in its perfect technical equipment and an affordable price.
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Model S800

Companies Honda Motor Company Ltd took less than ten years in order to earn a reputation in the automotive world and increase their production to 163 units (1963). 000 units to 232 cars (1969).. 
Convinced of the superiority of engines with air cooling system, Soichiro Honda decides to apply this technology widely in the production of its vehicles and N360 N600.V 1969. leaves the Honda 1300 four-cylinder equipped with dry-sump capacity 100l.s., and disc brakes and DDAC (Dual Dyna Air Cooling) responsible for the silent operation of the propulsion system. 
The year after the creation of the model 1300 Honda decided to equip this model system liquid engine cooling, but soon he had to admit that the system is not optimal for Honda engine in 1300. 
1972. can be regarded as the founding year of one of the most famous models of the manufacturer this year appeared Honda.V Honda Z360, small cars, which led the company to create the first models Civic.Uzhe first model Honda Civic Japanese company brought widespread popularity in the automobile market of America. 
In 1972. with the aim to raise the level of technical equipment of their cars to strict environmental regulations US manufacturer Honda has created a system of CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion). 
In 1973. Soichiro Honda left the post of head of Honda, and in its place becomes Kiyoshi Kawashima, who went from simple mechanics to the head of a huge company. 
The key role in the success of Honda's US unit played Honda Motor Company Inc, which became the first overseas subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer based back in 1959.

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Production of its vehicles in the US Honda started in 1982. It was a model Accord, through which the company became the first Japanese manufacturer to start assembling its cars in the North American steel kontinente.Imenno Honda Accord while the best-selling car in the US, the release of which has exceeded its volume production in Japan.

In the continuation of the second half of the 70s size trade Honda Motor Company for the first time exceeded the income from the release mototsiklov.V 1979. production reached 700 000 cars per year. 
In Europe, Honda has been and remains the most popular Japanese automotive markoy.Prezhde than to win the European car market, Honda under an agreement with British British Leyland creates branches in the UK, in 1982. based on the model Honda Ballade began production car Triumph Acclaim in equipment with engines from the Japanese avtoproizvoditelya.S 1987.within the industrial agreement with Rover begins production models Honda Concerto 200/400.

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Model Honda Ballade positioned as a prestigious car klassa.Prodavalas before the start of the 2000s.

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Honda and Rover continued joint production by 1994. When the company became part of Rover BMW.

Paying homage to its traditions producing racing models, manufacturer Honda does not stop innovation engines to their cars, "Formula 1", and serial modelyam.Predstavlennaya back in 1979. model was the Honda Prelude in its third generation, debuted in 1987., the world's first production car with a 4-wheeled system management.

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Honda Prelude model was implemented in five generations, produced until 2000. and became the attribute of sporty and dynamic style.

In 1988. manufacturer Honda launches series production engines with VTEC (variable valve timing system), which is equipped with the famous model Honda NSX, the first production car with an aluminum kuzovom.Model Honda NSX - exactly what a sports car, which raised the status of the Japanese manufacturer to the level of Ferrari and Porshe.

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