Saturday, November 22, 2014


killajoule-electric-sidecar-1 (700x466, 212Kb)
Killajoule - the speed record on an electric motorcycle electric vehicles gradually lose the glory of slow and short-lived. For example, the other day was set a new world speed record of elektrobayka. He was carried on a motorcycle with the name Killajoule. Killajoule - the speed record on a motorcycle electric car While the Bloodhound SSC team is ready to establish a new world record speed when driving on the earth's surface, which is 1,000 miles per hour, other vehicles are content with much more modest goals. Killajoule - the speed record on an electric motorcycle , for example, in August 2014 on the surface of the salt lake Bonneville in the US state of Utah has passed a series of races electric Sidecar (motorcycle with sidecar) Killajoule, during which set a new world speed record for this type of vehicles. Killajoule - the speed record on an electric motorcycle Killajoule could be dispersed to the level of 389,219 kilometers per hour, beating the previous record straight for 40 km / h. Interestingly, at the wheel during these races was a woman, Eva Hakansson, that rarely happens on such a potentially dangerous and very difficult for the pilot test. Killajoule - the speed record on an electric motorcycle She, incidentally, was also one of the designers of this bike. Together with her ​​husband Bill Dube Eva Hakanson created Killajoule, seeks to show that electric vehicles can be fast, very fast. Killajoule - the speed record on an electric bike

killajoule-electric-sidecar-2 (700x534, 95Kb)

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killajoule-electric-sidecar-6 (700x525, 74Kb) 

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