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expensive motorcycles

8 List of most expensive motorcycles from expensive and exclusive brands. Many such acquisition will not afford, but after reading about these models, at least you will know what a worthwhile endeavor. :)

Motorcycle MV Agusta F4

This exceptional bike was created by Italian engineer named Claudio Castiglioni. This director MV Agusta, the company-manufacturer of parts for motorcycles, located in Varese, Italy. Claudio just wanted to make a spectacular motorcycle with a unique design that would have been recognizable worldwide. You will have to prepare a budget of about 100,000 euros to buy this powerful, handsome in his garage.
MTT Y2K Turbine Superbike

In the list of most expensive motorcycles in the world is one of the most outstanding models. Yes, that MTT Y2K Turbine Superbike used in a movie called Torque. The model looks very impressive, winning popularity after the film. If you want to buy this bike, expect to pay $ 175,000 - and it either.
Ducati Testa Stretta Macchia

The full name of this bike is very long - Ducati Testa Stretta Macchia Nera Concept. Motorcycle engine uses a Ducati 998RS, one of the most outstanding units of its kind. Despite such a powerful engine, a lightweight body makes it light and maneuverable. When creating this concept used technology Track bicycle, and they do have something in common. The price of this beast is around 150,000 euros.
Motorcycle Icon Sheene

Barry Sheen - the legendary British driver-rider, in whose honor and created this masterpiece on two wheels. Only 52 models were built and staffed engine from Suzuki 1400cc turbocharged Garrett. This beauty will cost approximately $ 175,000 in.
MTT Gas Turbine
Seeing this bike you'll be impressed by its design, as well as the chassis, which is made of titanium. This lightweight, high-strength material is also used in other parts, and that makes this bike so expensive. The entire body is made of carbon fiber motorcycle and covered with a special varnish, so always looks clean and shiny. The cost of the bike is about $ 250,000.
Dodge Tomahawk V10

This is the most expensive brand of motorcycle, presented to the public in 2003. Daimler Chrysler. Motorcycle design made in bright futuristic style, with a huge engine power as a suitable supplement. Estimated cost Dodge Tomahawk V10 is $ 550,000, making it one of the most expensive motorcycles.
Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

Actor Jack Armstrong owns this bike from Harley Davidson, one of the most popular motorcycles in the world. Armstrong's own version called Cosmic Starship. As a result of tuning to get not just a motorcycle, and a pure work of art. Its cost is approximately equal to $ 1 million.
Ecosse ES1

The most expensive motorcycle appeared when F1 engineers from the United Kingdom decided to create a superbike with maximum speed. With its complex mechanisms and electronic control system, this bike is quick, easy and convenient.American designers worked hard to give Ecosse ES1 the ergonomic streamlined. During testing, the monster with the engine IL4 scored a top speed of 250 miles per hour, which is very good for 200 hp Buy this miracle is possible only under the order, while spending $ 3.6 million.

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