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Superavtobus - an ambitious attempt to destroy the personal transportation industry. This new concept in all its mobility implies: new motor capable of operating speeds in excess of 250 km / h, the construction of new special infrastructure (special extended interchanges on the highway), and a new logistics system with remote centralized control. In this article I will tell you more about this interesting concept of high-speed luxury bus.
While it is difficult to determine exactly what this concept it represents, some have suggested that Superavtobus is somewhere in the segment between conventional buses and trains. The main advantage of this transport is the ability to significantly higher speeds and greater flexibility, not limited solid schedule or route. Regarding the latter, the change does not require special infrastructure costs and cost is not too expensive. Superavtobus will take passengers from door to door, which will do no bus or train. Below you will find a brief overview of this interesting vehicle, along with pictures and additional specifications, as well as video.
luxurious superavtobus

-Tyagovaya Chain: Electric motors powered by a lithium battery and regenerative braking
-Output power: 400 kW
A range of ways to charge: 210 km
-Tormozhenie: 250-0 km / h in less than 200 m
-operational speed: 250 km / h (155 miles per hour)
-Length: 15,000 mm (49.21 feet)
-Width: 2,550 mm (8.20 ft)
-height: 1,650 mm (5.41 feet)
-Weight: 10,500 kg when fully loaded

The project is headed by Superbus Vabbe Okels, the first astronaut of the Netherlands and professor of space engineering at Delft.The team also includes research Dr Antonia Terzi and Joris Melkert.

Superavtobus made of carbon fiber and has an electric motor, capable to host up to 20 passengers in luxurious conditions with 16-winged doors for easy entry. Has an operating speed of 255 km / h, the system of obstacle detection using a radar installation and a quick e-guidance system. Undergone significant testing and shows high maneuverability and reliability. Designed and assembled in the Netherlands.

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