Saturday, September 27, 2014

The high-tech toothbrush Hummingbird

Gadgets have become part of our everyday life and advanced modern man is hard to imagine a normal day without a computer, tablet or smartphone. Probably even easier to do without a computer than those without a high-tech mobile phone, which in many cases for the average PC user has become almost a full replacement for a large, stationary computer. 

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Modern smartphones are able to, if not all, almost all. Moreover, their ability to become every day more and more. By installing a smartphone app specifically, it can be used to make purchases, to monitor your home PC, home appliances and video devices. Even the most simple toothbrush has not escaped the fate of being connected to your phone.

Toothbrush Hummingbird (600x400, 165Kb)

Toothbrush company Kolibree connected to a mobile phone using Bluetooth and has access to the Internet! Now even the most forgetful workaholic never forget to brush your teeth and be able to follow the process of cleaning the cavity of his mouth with the help of on the display smarfona report. Special applications will enable to control the timing and thoroughness of teeth cleaning, cleaning efficiency inaccessible areas of the oral cavity.

Toothbrush Hummingbird 1 (600x400, 76Kb)


First of all, such an unusual idea is to please the parents, because the toothbrush Kolibree make it easy to check whether their child to brush their teeth and do whether it is at all. So funny at first glance, the idea can be very useful. And to the already multi-functional modern mobile phone added another useful feature.  

Toothbrush Hummingbird 2 (600x400, 76Kb)


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