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Millions of people every day are sent through the air from one point of the globe to another. Air travel became commonplace. Yet there are things that do not reflect the passengers airliners. We have collected 7 little-known facts that everyone should know who is going in flight.

Explosive charges inside the engine


Pyrocartridges engine.
Even if we forget about the fact that the wings of the plane filled with hazardous and flammable fuel (which is stored in the wings fuel), it turns out, the wings are not safe for another reason. Each engine is equipped with one (or two) of the explosive charges, which are known as' pyro cartridge. " Surprisingly, they are used for fire fighting engines.

The air in the cabin

The air in the cabin.
In all airplanes which rise to a height of about 7-10 km, there is air conditioning. The principle of its action is similar to the principle of household hoods, but no air is sucked inside the plane, and the outside, and then forced inside. But the air is weak and it is simply impossible to breathe. Nevertheless, breathe on the plane perfectly. This is possible through a compressor that compresses air, increasing the density of oxygen in it to a level sufficient for human breathing. Some aircraft used for alternative sources of supply of air, producing dense air by chemical means.

Emergency decompression is dangerous


The consequences of the emergency decompression.
When the flight attendants reported that the need to "put on an oxygen mask before helping others," should fulfill their designation. The fact that at high altitude so rarefied that in case of decompression, human lungs are able to provide sufficient oxygen brain just 30-45 seconds. First, the person will begin euphoria, then dizziness, and then people are simply unable to make a decision and will falls into unconsciousness.

Oxygen masks

Oxygen masks.

Pilots in case of emergency breathing pure oxygen from a separate cylinder and oxygen for passengers goes through a special mask of chemical generators. After the mask pulled, starts a chemical reaction of sodium chlorate with iron, which is produced as a result of oxygen. Stop the reaction is impossible.Oxygen will flow over 15 minutes. It is assumed that during this time the plane falls to a certain height.During use, the mask can be a generator of smoke, and besides, it is heated to about 230 degrees. This is normal.

Rescue ladder

Salvation drowning - the drowning.

Many believe that if the crash happens over the ocean, it will be possible to get on a rescue ladder, waiting for help. In fact, if you carefully read the instructions, it becomes clear that the ramp is designed to adhere crashed over him, floating nearby. If it will climb the people he just turn over. However, there is good news - on board aircraft that operate transatlantic flights, there is always a full inflatables.

Mobile device Flight

Mobile devices on the plane.

Many airlines have recently increasingly allow passengers to use during the flight personal electronic devices. Previously stated that mobile phones and other gadgets can interrupt the precise radio signals broadcast from the earth. But experts say that the probability of such precedents is reduced to almost zero.

The minimum fuel reserve


The minimum amount of fuel.

In recent years, many companies have been criticized for the fact that they pour into the tanks of aircraft, "the smallest possible amount of fuel." The fact is that with full fuel the aircraft heavier and uses more fuel, so-called minimal amount of fuel - this is the amount sufficient for the flight, plus 3-5% of it, plus an additional amount, which allows to hold on to the reserve airfield in the event of an emergency landing . Therefore, do not worry.

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