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In this collection we will tell you about the eleven largest cruise ships, which are like a real floating cities with parks and fountains than ships: 11. Disney Fantasy

Length: 339 meters Displacement: 128,000 tons Passengers: 4,000 "Disney Fantasy" made ​​a trip to the Caribbean. This giant passenger ship boasts a virtual sports simulators, water park with play area "Akvalab", where an area of 550 square meters are located numerous slides, geysers and fountains. More children can enjoy "royal tea" with the Disney princesses of fairy tales. 10. Disney Dream Length: 339 meters Displacement: 128,000 tons Passengers: 4,000 This fabulous cruise ship used by the design style of the 20th century, called "the golden age of cruising." The ship is a cruise to the Bahamas, but it is more famous for its waterslide "Akvadak" and family entertainment areas for kids and teens of all ages.9. Carnival Breeze Length: 306 meters Displacement: 130,000 tons Passengers: 4,724 On this majestic liner held gums show, as well as a restaurant «Guy's Burger Joint», a 3-D cinema, rum and tequila bars.8. Carnival Magic Length: 306 meters Displacement: 130,000 tons Passengers: 4,724 The vessel «Carnival Magic» in the area of «SportSquare» located nine-mini-golf course, and for fans of extreme events team - rope course over the sea. There is also a passenger: confectionery, theater, brewery and beer company «ThirstyFrog Red». 7. MSC Fantasia Length: 333 meters Displacement: 133.500 tonsPassengers: 3,959 This Mediterranean cruise ship famous for its spa "Thermal cave" twelve spa pool and 4-D cinema. The highlight of the liner is a simulator, "Formula 1" and a water park with a "150 illuminated musical fountains." 6. MSC Splendida Length: 333 meters Displacement: 133.500 tons Passengers: 3,959Name ship gave a famous actress Sophia Loren. The liner is equipped with innovative systems that protect the environment from pollution, because of what he rightfully earned the title of "Eco-ship." On its decks instead of: five dining areas, a large theater, a poker room. On all ships company «MSC» children under eleven years of age travel free of charge. 5. MSC Divina Length: 333 metersDisplacement: 139.400 tons Passengers: 4,363 on a luxury liner «MSC Divina» restaurants are Italian, Mediterranean and Tex-Mex cuisine, a cigar room and even an art gallery. 4. Norwegian Breakaway («Norwegian gap") Length: 329 meters Displacement: 144.017 tons Passengers: 4,000 This Giant liner housed thirteen decks, three dining rooms, 17 restaurants, 12 bars, water slides the size of a five-story house, and all that crew members run in 1700 . The famous comedy troupe «The Second City» entertains guests magnificent ship comedy shows and pyrotechnic show. 3. Norwegian Epic Length: 325 meters Displacement: 153,000 tons Passengers: 4,228 The ship «Norwegian Epic» a bowling alley, a theater, where guests can dine while enjoying musicals and comedies, as well as jazz and blues clubs.Yet there are concerts of famous drummers of sinegolovyh «Blue Man Group». 2. Oasis of the Seas («Oasis of the Seas") Length: 360 meters Displacement: 220, 000 tons Passengers: 5,400 second-largest cruise liner Royal «Oasis of the Seas» has 16 decks with a different theme. For example, one of them is a wooden children's carousel handmade. Also there is a restaurant «Starbucks», ice skating rink, the largest casino in the world cruise fleet «Casino Royal» and 750-seat amphitheater with water fountains, trampolines and diving towers outdoors. CafĂ© «Cupcake Cupboard» can be enjoyed thirty kinds of cakes. 1. Allure of the Seas («Allure of the Seas") Length: 360 meters Displacement: 222.900 tons Passengers: 5,400 Rounding out our top largest cruise liner «Allure of the Seas», whose dimensions are simply staggering. To somehow imagine its size, take a thousand blue whales and place them on four football fields. Over 300 cabins located on Central Park with live trees, grass and flowers. Also on board there is a playground for golf, surfing simulator and a skating rink, where the ice and circus shows.

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