Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Winter and snow is forced to take a fresh look at the gadgets. Electronics should look winter accessories, and in addition to expand its range due to purely mechanical devices. Naturally, aimed at the use of cold and snow for entertainment.

Camera for extreme conditions

Snow Gadgets

Action cameras are compact, but tempered character. They withstand extremes of temperature, acceleration, snow and wind to capture your winter adventures.

"Winter" phone

Snow Gadgets
Phones that are suitable for the winter, should not only maintain a low temperature, but also to have large buttons that are easy to press while wearing gloves.

Warm animal

Snow Gadgets
Good old hotty via Firebox was electric. In Russia, we have not found the animals on sale, but decided that it does not hurt to add it, because there is delivery of the western online stores. Separate bonus for fans of flavors - the possibility of extending beast smell of lavender.

Insoles heated

Snow Gadgets
The British were very merzlyavymi comrades. In addition to animal-warmers, they offer even insoles electrically. However, this can uglyadet and prudence is better to heat only the legs than the whole house. And with a long walk in the cold, we would sometimes have not abandoned termopodoshv.


Snow Gadgets
"Snezhkodel" one snow - a device for perfectionists rather than a massive gadget. But if you want a perfectly round snow, the only hands you can not do.


Snow Gadgets
Snezhkometatel no longer seems entertainment for the elite. With it, you can not just slap a snowball, but it zashvyrnut and a half times more than usual. However, for shooting accuracy will have a lot of practice, but think of snow in Russia is enough.

Snow Blaster

Snow Gadgets
Snowball Blaster helps fight low accuracy snezhkometateley. The device allows you to do just three white lump, and then run them one after another. Manually argue with winter arrows armed such gadgets is not easy.

On one ski

Snow Gadgets
Snow Scooter on Russian'd like to translate as "snow-cats," but that word we have become accustomed to understand more sedate piece with seat and three skiing. A "snow scooter" allows a fast ride on one, but it is very different from the snow-cats and snowboard riding style.

Artificial beard

Snow Gadgets
Even those who have their beard, masks Beardski protect the face from a frosty wind while riding on the snowy slopes.

Warm headphones

Snow Gadgets
At moderate cold insulated headphones allow ears to keep warm, and receive a full sound.

"Voiced" cap

Snow Gadgets
Alternative - a cap with built-in headphones Headphone Hats. However, it is not clear why it is impossible to replace it "blows" under normal cap.

Warmblood Mouse

Snow Gadgets
If the winter is cold even at home, not in a hurry to move on wireless mouse. Manipulator ValueRays Warm Mouse is heated by energy from the USB-connector.


Snow Gadgets
Why not just attached to the USB-connector! Even slippers. Due to the electricity from the USB bus they are heated, however, control the cursor movements of the legs no longer work.

The heat-insulating cover

Snow Gadgets
Manufacturer covers Salt Case argues that they are able to save an American iPhone 6 from Russian frosts.

External battery

Snow Gadgets
If you go back to electronic gadgets, it is worth remembering that in addition to snow and water they are afraid of the cold. In the cold power supplies smartphones and tablets will sit down, and the external battery will hold out until the home electrical outlet.

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