Sunday, December 14, 2014


Prices are rising, and the desire to remain. We Lehoy thought and thought and decided to buy it on NG new mobile. Choose, compare. Wanted to take Sony, several times went to the salon, watched and wheeled device in your hands. As a result, on Saturday morning I learned from Lehi, that "we take LG". :) Well, ok. We drove to the shop long and hard, because knew that at the weekend there is always a crowd who want to buy "what they want". But this time we were lucky to make happy very quickly. In comparison with the way it was in previous visits and shopping in the store on Avtozavodskaya - Today was the fastest session of magic, it's just a miracle of some sort. telefonchik cool, loud, super screen, the colors are bright and vibrant, juicy and with good detail . dvuhsimochny version of the phone - in short, in the New Year - with a new unit. :) Lech - lucky. :) Previously, about phones (from the fact that he managed to find): October 26, 2014. TECHNOLOGY: Mobile Phone SONY Xperia Z1 October 14, 2013. TECHNOLOGY: Samsung Galaxy GRAND February 21, 2013. TECHNOLOGY: Samsung Galaxy S3 on 25 November 2012. TECHNOLOGY: Sony Xperia J on 14 December 2010. APPLIANCES: Nokia C6-00 September 13, 2010. TECHNOLOGY: Sony Ericsson u100i April 28, 2004. APPLIANCES: SonyEricsson Z600

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