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American manufacturer of helicopters - the company Bell Helicopter - the United States Army presented an initial draft of its long-term tiltrotor, which is called V-280 Valor. It is reported by a specialized online edition Jane's. In addition, the American military could learn assess the potential risks associated with the work on the creation and use of the tiltrotor. In the framework of the presentation of the project, Bell focused its attention on the relatively small value of its long-term aircraft.According to Chris galleries of holding the office of the head of military projects of Bell Helicopter, with the initial design of a new tiltrotor engineers paid special attention to the issue of reducing the cost of the product. Reduce the cost of V-280 Valor planned by improving the reliability and reducing the unit of its mass through the use of Bole lungs, but also more durable materials. In particular, when working on a new konvertoplanov Bell Helicopter deliberately refused to use the automatic folding wings, as the American army does not consider it as a mandatory function that would wait on the perspective of the machine. Besides, the design tiltrotor Valor was decided to use the most modern more durable composite materials. It is reported that the fuselage is composite tiltrotor completely. Also in the technology demonstrator Bell V-280, it was decided to use the serial engine GE T55. In the case presented by the project will be continued, and after a series of test technology demonstrator for a tiltrotor will be installed has new engines.


Bell presented a draft of the third generation tiltrotor - V-280 Valor
V-280 Valor layout

V-280 is one of the machines, which is being developed in the United States within the announced tender JMR-TD. The purpose of this tender is to provide a multi-purpose high-speed rotorcraft - technology demonstrator. For this project the American military has already attracted four companies. In addition to Bell Helicopter, a contract for the technology demonstrator got company Sikorsky, Karem Aircraft and AVX Aircraft. It is expected that by the end of July 2014 the Pentagon is going to pick 2 of the project, which will be able to count on further financing of the project JMR-TD. First presentation of the V-280 Valor held in the United States as early as mid-April last year, when the military was presented tiltrotor model of the future, which will make conclusions about the appearance and layout of the machine. According to preliminary data, the new rotor helicopter can move at a speed of 518.6 km / h, and the combat radius of the flight will be 1.5 thousand kilometers. At the same ferry flight range machines will reach 3.9 thousand kilometers. It is reported that in the V-280 Valor will be applied wire control system, which has triple redundancy channels. Tiltrotor receive two side doors wide by 1.8 meters each, fully retractable landing gear and a V-shaped tail. reported that Valor will have a rotor equipped with a fixed horizontal pods. It is still placing the engines will be the hallmark of V-280 Valor. To switch to airplane mode flight konvertoplanov will only turn propellers. Fixed placement engine eliminates the danger for paratroopers exiting through the side doors, as well as facilitates the delivery of fire on board the car at the time of landing or taking off in the area, which is carried out enemy fire. In addition, this structure aims to reduce the risk and technical, eliminating the need for engine certification machines at different angles of inclination. In Bell Helicopter sure that the bevel airflow their new items will be at an intermediate level between conventional helicopters and konvertoplanov the V-22 Osprey.

Bell presented a draft of the third generation tiltrotor - V-280 Valor
Tiltrotor V-22 Osprey

At the moment the United States is the only country in the world, which is armed with his army commercially available tiltrotor. Currently in service with United States Marine Corps is about 160 konvertoplanov Bell V-22 Osprey. This machine was developed over 30 years ago specialists companies Bell and Boeing. Tiltrotor - this aircraft, which have a tilt-rotor, which at the moment of take-off and landing work as lifting, and during level flight - as nagging. Thus, the flying machine at the same time combines the capabilities of the aircraft and vertoleta.a

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