Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Chevrolet Niva 2
I think we have a lot of motorists. Those who already have a car, or those who are simply interested in cars. It's really an interesting topic, and although many seem boring at first glance. 
My love for cars started when I accidentally saw in the news Horch 853, the car of the Third Reich, but who saw this miracle will understand. Truly legendary car. 
And so, gradually I became more interested in cars, from old and new products to the auto world. 
Generally, in the Internet there are lots of websites dedicated to cars. For every taste. Many reviews, reviews, many articles. But since I'm not very well versed in the art it was hard to find a website or a forum where you can read "in simple terms of the complex."
And I found him.  
When I faced the question of buying your own car, I hesitated a long time. Because each avotmobilya have strengths and weaknesses, and the need to carefully weigh all, precisely determine the firm, with the model. So I have started to actively follow the news from the auto world, hoping to find it was my car. 
And the second time I came to the rescue  - a site where not only placed a full-scale film about cars, but also a brief description, prices, photos, and important SAMO - reviews motorists. You can read the truthful comments of people who have had experience with a particular car. 
Good luck: s

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