Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Slovak engineer Stefan Klein (Stefan Klein) is working on a flying car, starting with the 90s of the last century. His third one iteration has become the most successful and really knows how to fly.
Vehicle whose length is exactly 6,000 millimeters, is equipped with the standard engine for the aircraft Rotax 912. Its capacity is 100 horsepower.Wings Aeromobil 2.5 fully collapsible, so that any problems with dimensions while driving on the roads should arise. If we consider Aeromobil 2.5 as a car, in front of you two-seater roadster. Fuel in the tanks will be enough to overcome 875 kilometers. At the same time, a maximum speed of 200 km / h. The body is made of lightweight carbon fiber

"Krylomobil" is based on a steel tubular chassis, which carries the body panels from carbon. At length the machine has 2 meters, width 1.6, and has a wingspan of 8.2 m. Weight of empty car without fuel - only 450 kg.Such Garabitov allow the car to move around easily on public roads and to refuel at gas stations usual city.

Aeromobil features a 100-horsepower gasoline engine Rotax 912, which provides for water cooling (similar engine installed on an American flying car Terrafugia Transition). This power plant is not only responsible for the rotation of the wheels, but also for the work of the screw. On the ground, the car accelerates to 169 km / h in the air - up to 200 km / h.Flight distance is 700 miles.

Certification "krylomobilya" will take about 2 years, after which the car goes into production. Now the largest developer of flying cars - the American company Terrafugia. Its model of Transition 3 years ago has been certified as a light sport aircraft, and is already available in the mass market. In May, the Americans began to develop a car with a hybrid propulsion system and a vertical takeoff.

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