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In 1936, the Japanese magazine "Shounen Club" has published an illustrated article entitled "Global Competition inventions in the field of transport", which considers the vehicles of the future. The article covers all types of passenger transport: land, air, water, and also includes a military model.
  • Car with spherical wheels
    5 strange ideas of Japan 30th ideas, japan
  • Car moving at several rubber balls of different sizes, the driver must provide a smoother ride than the standard four-wheel cars with rubber tires. In the event of an accident spherical wheels replace the airbag.
    Currently spherical wheels are still only a concept. They are equipped with, for example, the car is the main hero of the movie "I, Robot", which takes place in 2035. Model of a futuristic vehicle was developed by Audi. For a while, the carmaker even wanted to run it into production, however, still replacing the tires on the standard three-dimensional.Another concept belongs to a group of students from the California College of Engineering Charles Davidson: in 2012, they proposed a model elektromototsikl two spherical wheels.

    The monorail
    5 strange ideas of Japan 30th ideas, japan
  • For movement in the mountains, according to the magazine, to be used a small two-wheeled monorail trains, equipped with a propeller and vertical stabilizer, tail-like part of the aircraft. This design should allow the train to develop greater speed and at the same time to maintain a stable equilibrium. Another two wheels, facing outward on both sides of the train, is used for stopping it.

    High speed passenger aircraft
    5 strange ideas of Japan 30th ideas, japan
  • The aircraft of the future, according to the illustrator Matsuiro Murakami, will drive the two powerful turboprop engine in the fore part of the wider fuselage. In the 30s many, primarily European, countries and indeed actively developed production twin-engined high-speed passenger aircraft. However, as would be in the future has not changed their design, the proposed model in a magazine and did not realize.

    The safest passenger vessel
    5 strange ideas of Japan 30th ideas, japan
  • In an emergency, the nose of the vessel is opened, releasing the freedom of a small fleet of boats, allowing passengers to quickly and safely evacuate.

    High-speed patrol boat-tank
    5 strange ideas of Japan 30th ideas, japan
  • As a military transport in paper presents a hybrid fighter aircraft, boats and tank: floating vehicle caterpillar cab for one person.
    To what extent the implementation of this idea can be called a German project midget submarine with crawler gear "Zeetoyfel" ( Seeteufel), equipped with two torpedoes and machine gun. Her Launching was carried out in 1944; run into production it is, for obvious reasons, have not yet. However, the first hybrid boats and tanks appeared even earlier in 1936 - at the end of the First World War, when in 1918 in Italy was built torpedo boat "Grillo» (Grillo) with tracks on the sides.

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