Sunday, October 25, 2009

Four of the greatest yachts in the world - Speed boats

Poseidon 180 Superyacht Costs a Whopping $50 Million

A few days back, we were drooling at the Sabdes concept megayacht and many other luxury travel yachts. Now, we have the Poseidon 180 from Giancarlo Zema Design Group, which is being developed by Bugatti yachts. The 180-foot superyacht touts a military developed Bentley Yachts’ air cavity hull and a pioneering hull design. The luxurious yacht comes fitted with floating decks under a giant glass dome. There are eight staterooms that enrich you with the floor to ceiling panoramic ocean views. The Poseidon 180 is power driven by Bugatti Marine engines that can hit 40 knots. Priced at a whopping $50 million, the Poseidon 180 is merely a design for now.

via SuperYachtTimes

Boeing 727 Jet transformed into a street-legal Limo

Earlier, we have seen Boeing 747 being converted into a luxury house, a luxury yacht and a bedroom flight simulator. This time, someone has actually built a street legal Boeing 727 Jet Limo. The best part is that the transformed Mercedes bus is street legal and has that capacity to seat up to 50 persons in opulence. This Boeing 727 Jet Limo includes a sunken living room with a dance floor, big screen TV, fireplace, full bar, fog machine, tons of lighting, ceiling mirrors, and aerodynamic seats. The whole thing weighs approximately 24,000 pound. Do you want to keep it in your backyard? Well, this street legal 727 limo is sitting at US $269,900 on eBay.

Designer yachts that make do without white

What better way to splash your riches than by buying a luxury yacht? Too drab for your taste, eh? Have no fear because Setzer Design has unveiled two new designs that are way more attractive than the normal, conventional, awfully white stuff. Tagged Cerise and Javelin, these two vessels will form a part of company’s Vision Line. Rendered bright in red and blue respectively and streamlined wonderfully, Cerise and Javelin certainly look the part to adorn any rich boy’s fancy collection. Cerise is the smaller of the two designs and is a neat 165-footer doing 14 knots. Having four deck levels, a crew lounge, large holds and system spaces, it has plenty of room. Cerise also comes with four guest cabins, one twin cabin, one master with nearby office/library and a theater for 10. On the luxury front, it has lounges, grills and several bars.

Thea from Fraser Yachts sails out for $8.5 million

With the number of luxurious yachts surfacing over the blue waters, it won’t be long before the remaining 70% of the watery part of our globe also screams of traffic congestion. The latest luxurious entrant is the Thea. Aptly named, this goddess (Thea is Greek for goddess) yacht from Fraser Yachts is up in the market for a wicked price of €5,900,000 ($8.5 million). Originally launched in 1968 as Donapila II, this timeless yacht is again being fine-tuned to keep up with its market’s demand. Large enough, this gorgeous sailing vessel has room for smaller siblings like jet-ski and speed boat on the upper deck. Spreading out with generous space for lazing, lounging and relaxing under the sun during the day and stars by night, the Thea seems to be the ultimate solution for a lavish vacation.

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