Saturday, June 6, 2009

Victorinox Travel Alarm 1884 Limited Edition celebrates the Swiss Army Knife's best tricks

Victorinox Travel Alarm 1884 Limited Edition celebrates the Swiss Army Knife\'s best tricks

Victorinox celebrates the 125th anniversary of the Swiss Army Knife with this 1884 limited-edition travel alarm clock. Just like the famous folding knives, this gorgeous timepiece uses the same steel spring mechanism, folding out with a reassuring snap.

Carrying on that clever theme, there's even a pair of tweezers and a toothpick embedded within. You'll have to wait until November to get this collector's item in your hands, and all this exquisite design and rarity doesn't come cheap — its $550.

Swiss Army Knife gets a couple of unnecessary upgrades

swissarmy.jpgThe traditional Swiss Army Knife already has a bunch of tools on board - knives, can openers, scissors, tweezers, bottle openers and the rest of it - but couldn't it have more? That must have been the question running through the mind of the creator of the Swiss Army Digital Altimeter and Thermometer.

As the name suggests, this updated model is similar to the original Swiss Army Knife, but it adds an LCD screen that can tell you either how high up you are or how hot/cold things have gotten. Incredibly useful? Maybe in certain specific situations. But hey, that weird little hook thing has never been all that useful either, but it's there for a reason. Who are you to argue?

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