Sunday, May 24, 2009

HUGE 16 GIG Flash Drives!

HUGE 16 GIG Flash Drives!

Store Mountains Of Data!

Our Largest Flash Drive EVER!

PLUS - Some Great Buys On Smaller Drives!

WOW! Flash drives just keep getting bigger and we just scored an amazing deal on a HUGE 16 GIG drive! Wait till you see it!

With a drive this big, there's virtually no limit as to what you can take with you! Heck, my first 4 computers didn't have internal hard drives this big! It just blows me away how much info you can store on such a small drive! This holds as much as 24 CDs!!!!

Think about it - you can put thousands of files, gobs of photos, tons of music, and move enormous amounts of data with something like this! Plus, it's easy to install software that runs right from the drive - talk about having all your data - and software - with you huh? You could literally set up an entire portable "office" right on this little drive and use it with ANY computer! E-mail, word processors, imaging programs, calendars, spreadsheets, presentations - all right form your little flash drive!

It's actually large enough you could easily use it as a backup device too! Just think, 24 CDs worth of backup data right in the palm of your hand! And it won't get ruined by a scratch like a CD!

Oh, and speed - WOW these are speedracer FAST! We're talking a high-speed USB 2.0 interface here, so files move like crazy!

Now, a large drive like this CAN be expensive - I've seen them up to $200 online! (I saw one at Best Buy for $186!!)! Some specialized drives are even MORE expensive!! Yup, you guessed it - we gotchya a deal!

Your cost is just $68.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's a fantastic deal on the biggest flash drive we've ever seen! 16 GIG - WOW!

WARNING - Only a handful of these available! You'll have to RUN to the site to get in on this one!!

Looking for a great buy on a smaller drive? Check out these other great deals:

8 Gig Drive - Just $42.97!

4 Gig Drive - Just $24.97!

2 Gig Drive - Just $18.97!

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